How it started.....

I started photographing storms, Friends 'wowed' when they saw these shots, I needed more, so I went looking. I found 'wow' and bought it back for people to see.

But, its not storm season all year round, and soon it wasn't enough. I started to look for 'wow' in people, with children, at weddings. I found the 'wow' the people wanted. And so my journey began.

For me photography is about capturing what I feel, putting it into a rectangle and bringing that emotion back to people. It's about sharing a time and a place, sometimes with people who were not there, but, hopefully,  they feel like they were. 

If you want some 'wow' in your photography, I think I might just have some for you :) 


( apologies for the lack of 'wow' - I am updating the website - wow to be returned asap!)